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iPad POS system

iPos a innovative point of sale system (POS system) specially developed for restaurant, coffee shop, café and bar. It is based upon mobile touch solutions from Apple, HTC and Samsung. The system is developed as a web based POS system and is also supported on any Pc.


Have the demo of the iPad POS system live on your iPad. Due to a larger screen, all features are combined into one screen. Within this interface orders can be processed in a very fast way. With + you will have your mobile iPad Pos system in your mainscreen and the next time you click on the iPad Pos icoon the mobile application will be in full screen. Furthermore the demo can also been seen on a Pc within a Chrome- or Safari browser.

The iPad POS system is special developed for restaurant, café, bar and coffeshop


After input your order, press the three people button and the order is processed and been sent to the kitchen or bar. When you press the bar above the ticket a pull down menu will appear with other features, like activate fast runners, change tables, split ticket, add a memo etc. Within a few second you have your own iPad POS system.


Contact Dutch Solutions for iPad POS system.


Please feel free to contact Dutch Solutions for information about our innovative iPad system. You can send us an e-mail at h.dubbelhuis@cash-care.nl, or call us at +31 592 310578

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